To avoid risks specifically


To exploit opportunities consistently

euro delkredere offers you a comprehensive product portfolio around the topics of Central settlement and Del credere cover.Throught the use of modern technologies and outstanding personal and professional competence of our team we offer our customers an innovative service portfolio…



Security for Imports

Our expertise in Asia

To ensure the own competitiveness many companies have to internationalize their sourcing activities.

We have developed a product for our customers together with Zurich Insurance plc and Euler Hermes Deutschland AG for the Del Credere – Coverage of Imports – especially from Asia...



Quality Management


We are certified

The implementation of a quality management system and regular audits are a guarantee for our customers and suppliers for a constant high standard of quality.

DIN EN ISO 9001, an internationally acknowledged standard, specifies the demands made on quality management systems...



Central Settlement with Del Credere

The payment process is simple and secure

euro delkredere pays to the supplier – other processes are not affected! We ensure a smooth sequence of events and timely reporting of payments to the supplier.



we will be right behind you

Even in the event the buyer of the goods becomes insolvent, euro delkredere offers services put to the test in practice...